Boxed Personalised Treats
Boxed Personalised Treats

Boxed Personalised Treats

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Personalised Dog Treats are a great gift idea for any dog this Christmas. You will get 60g of New Zealand dried Lamb Lung which is safe for all dogs of all ages. These are mini size pieces which are perfect for indoor and daily treats.

If you're ordering pots for different dogs but they are going to the same address you'll need to add 1 pot at a time to your cart so we can receive the dogs name individually.

If your ordering pots to be delivered to different addresses you'll need to place individual orders for each address.

You can change the following:
1) The name of the dog. You can have up to 2 names per pot. If more than 2 please write the main dogs name and pack eg: Poppy & Pack.

2) Who it is from please keep this short as it needs to be kept all on one line. If not kept short we will change it to fit. 

3) An example of the label is in the product picture. 

4) We can take orders up to the 22nd December 2018, however, we can't guarantee delivery by the 25th as couriers are very busy at this time of the year.